We are proud to kick off our Good Peeps interviews with none other than Chad VanGaalen. He’s one of our greatest musical exports, and also an accomplished illustrator and animator. In the past few years, besides putting out four of his own albums, he found time to produce an album for his friends Women and also produce a daughter with his special lady, Sara. So, let’s hear what Chad has to say about our fair city!


What makes Calgary so awesome? 

-The gang wars are exciting.

Where’s your favourite place in Calgary? 

-Anywhere along the Bow River. 

Describe your perfect Calgary day: 

-Soaking myself in the river in the middle of summer and collecting all the trash and beer cans that people are throwing into the water as they float by on their party boats. Also yelling at them like I’m a cop in the bushes is fun. 

Favourite local band? 

-Azeda Booth

Best venue to play in Calgary? 

-Nose Hill Park at midnight with a bottle of Jager.

Favourite Calgarian of all time?



What’s the most awesome restaurant in Calgary?

Diner Deluxe

Best place to shop in Calgary? 

-Phoenix Comics

Best place to be on a Saturday night?

-Adam Jurgens garage.

Best place to be on a Sunday morning? 

-Candence Coffee House

What’s your fondest childhood memory of Calgary? 

-Me and Ryan Eastcott stealing Transformers(entire constructicon set) from Woolco before it was Wal-Mart. And smashing caps under rocks to start fires. Also riding my bmx off shit. 

Favourite thing to do in Calgary? 

-Record trains at Edworthy Park with my tape deck. 

Check out Chad’s self-animated video for his song “Flower Gardens”: