Somehow, over the past few weeks I’ve found myself drawn to writing about sex-related events and such. I’m not sure what this says about me right now, but luckily Calgary is a sexy enough city that it’s filling my notebook so to speak. This weekend was no different either, as Canwest Productions’ Taboo… the naughty but nice sex show came to town and certainly brought with it imagination and beyond.

If you haven’t had the luxury of attending a sex show, I recommend you give it a go before next year’s Taboo returns. Attending or hosting a private party will allow you to build up your tolerance before you enter the aisles and aisles of pleasure toys, naked dancers and leather clad fetish fiends wandering around. Or visit one of our lovely local sex shops, Calgary has many more than willing to help you.

I have to admit I was surprised how many people were at Taboo this weekend. Although we may be deemed “Conservative” in some areas, judging by the attendance of Taboo, Calgarians are pretty liberal when it comes to affairs of the boudoir. Take that France!

Taboo showcases hundreds of sex toys, lingerie pieces, hot tubs and furniture extremities to help you and your partner enjoy each other’s company (wink, wink). Plus there were half naked and naked people hanging out, some were performers and others were just attendees. The show was littered with toy demonstrations along with male and female dancers… of the less clothed variety.

Although it may have seemed like all fun and games, several of YYC’s local sexual support organizations were also in attendance providing information about safe sex, sexual orientation and STIs. All in a fun and sexy way. AIDS Calgary even had a dildo ring toss just to keep it light.

That’s right friends, Calgary gets freaky, even if it’s for one weekend of the year. But like I mentioned earlier, looking at the size of this crowd it seems like more often than not. Meow!