It’s a common theme among the water cooler conversations. “I’m so busy!” or “I’ve got this, this, this and this…..” It’s an aspect of the holiday season that can evoke as much stress as the excitement brought on by all the merriment.

But one thing in Calgary that I pencil into my calendar and put little stars around it (which means it’s something  fun and not terrifying like an impending deadline) is an evening at the Calgary Zoolights.

I get asked “But aren’t you too old for that?”, to which I respond “Hell no!”. The Calgary Zoolights is one of those rare family-friendly events to which individuals of all ages can have fun while interacting with each other. There aren’t adults huddling together in a coral overflowing with booze, or children stuck in one corner with clowns that remind me of my earlier childhood nightmares.

The Calgary Zoo does an excellent job of taking that little part of us that never really grows up and translates into a wonderland of innocent fun and photo ops. It’s an evening where you’re allowed to be a kid again, enjoy the slight cheesiness of Christmas decorations (which we all secretly love), or perhaps enjoy an effortless date night. I don’t know a single person who goes and doesn’t get their photo taken in the love tunnel!

Want to do some good while having fun? Bring a non-perishable donation for the Calgary Food Bank and you’ll receive a 2 for 1 admission for a future visit to The Calgary Zoo.

Set aside an evening to partake in one of Calgary’s signature holidays traditions!