There are two weeks to go before the big Ho Ho Ho and there’s still plenty to do and see. There are gallery openings, auctions and fundraisers. And I need your help finding Calgary’s best outdoor art. Here’s your Arts Round Up this week Calgary.

MY COMMUNITY: These are just a few of the pieces that spruce up my neighbourhood – painted thanks to the Antyx Community Arts program. I want to see yours. Snap a pic, send it in and be included in an upcoming story. Keep reading for full details.
Photos by Amy Jo Espetveidt, Quadrophonic Image

Community Outdoor Art Challenge
During my time here at C.I.A. I’ve featured a lot of stories on public art and it’s got me thinking. In Calgary’s nearly 200 unique communities there must be some stunning public art work hidden away on our streets, in our parks and on our walls.
I admit that there are communities I know and love and I can name at least half a dozen pieces of work scattered throughout my very own but there are many that I have never stepped foot in. I know they’re out there and I want to see them. So I have a challenge for you.
Snap a pic, send it in and be included in an upcoming story. Simple as that. In fact, I want to create a treasure map of art to show how dynamic and awesome our city really is.
So show me what you’ve got.
These are the pieces you walk, drive or cycle by everyday, pieces that pop up in nearly every community in this great city. Pieces that make our communities rich and wonderful places to live.
I know in my community, Bowness, new pieces pop up seemingly every year like these pictured above, both painted this fall thanks to work from the Antyx Community Arts program, community groups and area schools.I want to show everyone as much awesome community art as I can but I need your help.
What I Need:

You can be involved in this project a couple ways – by finding, shooting and sending in photos of your favourite community art or by sending me the 411 on how to find it myself. It could be a piece you love that jazzes up a blank wall. It could be a piece you did. It could be a project done by a local community group. As long as it’s outdoor art, in Calgary, I want to know about it.
The more information you send me the more awesome I can share. Just make sure to include who you are (for credit), where it is and why you love it. I’ll take it from there.
So drop me a line at and lets show off our community art.

My First Professional Exhibition winner Monumental Contradiction
It’s time to celebrate the inaugural My First Professional Exhibition and big congrats to University of Calgary Bachelor of Fine Arts grad Michael Abel for winning the privilege!
The showcase of his work runs at the Artpoint Gallery & Studios (1139 Adelaide Street SE) until December 29 and the opening reception is this Friday, December 14 from 5pm to 9pm.
The show is called Monumental Contradiction and ties the rise and fall of modern architectural landmarks together with evolving modes of artistic production. He uses large-scale paintings that combine iconic architecture in eight North American cities with the theme of each city’s NBA team.
For more information check out the UofC’s event page here.

TNG and John Snow’s Refurbished Letterpress
The beauty of print is hard to deny and John Snow’s newly-refurbished letterpress is going to be put to a good use this week thanks to The New Gallery.
For their annual fundraiser, TNG has created a print folio to honour the memory of Calgary master printer John Snow. The folio includes 10 prints created by Canadian artist who have been involved with the gallery’s history and have been printed on the press at the John Snow House, TNG’s ancillary space. The launch takes place this Saturday, December 15 at the John Snow House (915 – 18th Avenue SW) from 7pm to 11pm and is free to attend.
Only 20 folios will be produced for the event and are $500 each with all proceeds going to support continued programming and operations. One of the 20 will be raffled off to a lucky art lover and tickets are available beforehand through gallery staff and Board members or by swinging by their main space at Art Central (212 100 7th Avenue SW) during gallery hours. The draw will take place at the launch.
The folio includes works from drunken paw (Mark Dicey, Leslie Sweder, and Janet Turner), David Garneau, Heather Huston, Kim Huynh, Don Mabie, Mireille Perron, Scott Rogers, Ryan Statz, Tim Westbury and Andrea Williamson – all artists who have made significant contributions to the development of contemporary visual arts in Calgary and TNG.
“A special thank you goes out to Jarvis Hall Fine Art for their amazing contribution of frames for our launch party, as well as our other sponsors who continue to make our organization possible – Canada Council, Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development Authority, the Community Spirit Program, Steamwhistle, Kit Interiors, and all of our members and volunteers,” said Fundraising/Events Committee member Rebecca Dickson.

Talking and Bidding at AVALANCHE!
Remember in November when I told you all about I like it here. Don’t you? a new show by Bogdan Cheta at the ever awesome AVALANCHE! Institute of Contemporary Art (1235 Macleod Trail SE)?
Remember how I told you everyone should head down and check it out?
Well, there’s more.
The show’s been extended and selected artworks are available online and in the gallery through a silent auction. Bogdan will even be presenting an artist talk this Saturday, December 15 at 5pm. *Note: this was rescheduled from the date originally posted*
The album of available works may be viewed on the gallery’s website or on their Facebook page and bids may be made by emailing the gallery ( or visiting during regular gallery hours, Saturdays 12pm to 4pm.
Just be sure to include the title of the work, your name, and contact information when bidding. Personally, I like Installation Component 1, 2012. Have a look and make a bid. You might just take home an awesome piece of art of your very own. The bidding closes December 14th, 2012 at 10PM.

Do you have something awesome coming up and want to be part of the Calgary Arts Round Up? Drop me a line at!