DeliverGood is a for-profit social business that helps facilitate in-kind donations to charities and non-profits who need stuff from people and companies who have stuff. They are driven by building efficiencies into the charitable giving sector, one of which is the matching program found on People and businesses are able to deliver goods, time or money through the site, and the folks at DeliverGood match the deliveries with the right charity or non-profit. What a great idea!

Currently, DeliverGood is working with Cenovus. They recently moved their offices into THE BOW building which displaced a large amount of office furniture, five warehouses full to be exact. In true DeliverGood fashion, they were able to find an efficient way to match such a large amount of furniture with deserving charities and non-profits by developing The Cenovus Suite Give-Away.

I got the chance to talk with Robb Price, founder of DeliverGood, to chat about the business and The Cenovus Suite Giveaway.

Robb Price

Robb Price, Founder of Deliver Good


Q: What gave you the idea to start DeliverGood?

I was working at a charity called The Doorway, an organization for youth age 17-24 transitioning off the streets. Soon after I started, we had a fire. We lost quite a few things in the fire, and it was my job to find replacements for those things. I searched for a tool to help people in our situation and discovered there wasn’t one. This discovery became the catalyst for DeliverGood.

Q: How is DeliverGood a social business?

Organizations will higher us to manage large in-kind donations. We like to run behind the scenes, as we don’t want to take eyes off the charities being supported. Our goal was to create a venture that makes enough money to sustain itself while still helping others. We’ve been able to grow over the last few years and are now being recognized as experts at facilitating in-kind donations.

Q: Tell me about what you’re doing with Cenovus?

First, I just want to say that they are truly amazing people to work with. We started our partnership when they moved their office into THE BOW building. The move resulted in the displacement of 460 office suites, enough office furniture to fill five warehouses. The suites consist of office chairs, cabinets, and desks among other things that all need homes. To do this we worked with Cenovus to create The Cenovus Suite Giveaway. We promoted the program to charities and non-profits who were asked to submit applications to receive the suites. We will choose the applicants most deserving of the free furniture in January. They will then get to choose what they want from an online catalogue we’ve built, and DeliverGood will deliver it to them for free.


One of the warehouses full of furniture

Q: Do you have any other corporate clients?

Yes we do. There are so many organizations that have goods they need to find homes for.

Q: Do you plan to expand beyond Calgary?

Yes, there are corporations across Canada that could use our services but currently, we don’t have the resources. When the time is right we will DeliverGood across North America.

Q: Any last words?

If it’s useable then take it to DeliverGood, but not if it’s garbage. If it is though, we’ll at least make sure it gets recycled properly.

To get unwanted goods to the junkyard costs money anyway, so why not use Deliver Good to make sure those unwanted goods are going to someone who really needs them.

We’re working hard on helping to change the way corporations, small businesses and people think. We want to encourage them to support the communities where they operate. There are around 86,000 charities in Canada and every one of them, and the communities they operate in, needs support. One of the best ways to do this is through in-kind donations. We also encourage corporations to spend their money on programming and not infrastructure.

DeliverGood is the type of business we need more of in Calgary. They have found a way to run a successful venture built on giving back to the community by truly Delivering Good.