Warning: If you have “Santa Baby” on repeat, and you’ve strung lights and tinsel on every part of your person, then you may not like what I’m going to say.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am the exact opposite of a “winter holiday super-fan”. I can’t stand it, the constant bombardment of cheer and Santa crap, not to mention that by the end of December I’ve eaten enough sugar that it’s amazing I don’t have diabetes or my heart hasn’t exploded. After 30-some years on this earth this is the one time of year I grew tired of at about age 12. And it drives my family crazy; I’m a serious Scrooge to the nth-degree. In my family, we celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, which means for me means there’s no escaping it, I have to celebrate something in December (and for multiple days by the way!) whether I like it or not.

The worst part of this time of year is of course…. The MUSIC! If I hear Boney M Christmas, Mariah Carey or even that ridiculous David Bowie/Bing Crosby duet one more time, it may just be the end of me. However, I have recently discovered this year, that instead of drowning my irritations alone in a dark corner of my bedroom with a bottle of red, there are a multitude of musical acts I can visit to escape the pain.

Here is a short list of some titillating shows I think you’ll like (in no particular order or genre). AND most of these venues serve alcohol other than eggnog! Blasphemy, I know:

December 14 – Kid Koala Space Cadet Headphone Experience with Money Mark @ National Music Centre.

December now to the end of the month – A variety of local and far away talent playing at the Ironwood.

December 20 – Japandroids @ The Republik

December 21 – Tiesto: Cemetery of Sound @ BMO Centre

December 21 – End of the World Music Festival featuring The Von Zippers, ATOMIS, Pine Tarts, Chris Nevile, Kenna Burima, Hollow Brethren and more @ Royal Canadian Legion #1

December 28 – Polar Music Festival: DEADMAU5, Unhooked, Chris Lake, Mord Fustang, Dom G Titus 1 @ BMO Centre

December 28 – Cowpuncher @ Mikey’s Juke Joint & Eatery

December 31 – Chixdiggit! with guests @ Dickens Pub

So if you’re like me and you need a break from the holiday “magic” and regurgitated tunes, quickly get your tickets to your local music venue and forget that Rudolph ever existed.