When it comes to putting our money where our mouths are Calgarians have huge hearts and deep pockets. Movember 2012 was no exception.

In fact, Canada was at the top of the leader board when it came to donations, with the Oil Rig Rumble coming in second nationally as a network leader ($1,216,723 raised). And Calgary’s own MEG Energy celebrated their $163,777 raised – the seventh highest in the world – by shaving the heads of four team members yesterday.

BALD IS BEAUTIFUL: The Big Mo members (left to right) Jeff Pugh, Ted Lamb, Rory O’Connor and Jamey Fitzgibbon where each sheared bald thanks to an unprecedented influx of support. The Big Mo raised $163,777 this year, more than the company rose the last three years combined.
Photos by Amy Jo Espetveidt, Quadrophonic Image

Rob Nadalutti severed as an auctioneer to raise even more money all for the honour of chopping the locks and Crystal and Lacy from Best of Seven Barbers were on hand to make final touches to the shaves.

A special shout out should also to go to team member Reed Ludwig, a maintenance electrician, for raising the second highest amount in the world, $98,456. He was first until a last minute push from Bill Doherty of Walton Canada and was still number one in the hearts of all who attended the shave event.

IF I DON’T LAUGH I’LL CRY: Rory O’Connor, Manager, Community Relations put the bar awfully high saying he would only shave his head if the team raised $150,000. He was the biggest hit of the afternoon raising an additional $1000 from Senior VP Jamey Fitzgibbon for the honour of cutting his shoulder length locks.

LIVE LONG AND PROSPER: Louise Parsons bid for the honour to shave Ted Lamb’s head and had a blast doing so, shaving a big, bushy face into the back of his head.

ROCK AND ROLL: Senior VP Jamey Fitzgibbon shows his wild side as his head is shaved. He even dressed up as Dr. Evil to trim fellow team member Rory O’Connor.

DUCT TAPE AND A VACUUM? Jeff Pugh was sheared, vacuumed and cleaned up during the shave event and was the first to be finished.

For full stats on who raised what head over to the Movember website and see where all the $123,191,717 raised came from including other awesome local contributions.