We wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Feliz Navidad, rad Kwanzaa and all other festivuses for the rest of us. Here’s a special message from each member of the team (a big thank you to Vincci Tsui for her lovely gingerbread photos – only for you awesome readers).


Nick Taylor

I am having too much fun finding fun nerdy things to write about. There were a ton of highlights in 2012 but for me interviewing Andrew WK during Sled Island was a huge deal. I’m actually realizing my dream of being a professional nerd and have a ton of projects coming up next year to further that goal. C.I.A. has been huge in helping me along that path and I’m super thankful you guys enjoy reading our work.

Amy Jo Epetveidt

2012, it’s been a blast. This year was about changes for me – leaving my “real” job to start my own photo company and giving back to the community by volunteering my time with Calgary Reads, Kids+ and, of course, C.I.A. – and it was probably one of the best ones yet. After being so busy for so long it was nice to get reacquainted with Calgary, the place I was born, the place I chose to come back to. I’ve rediscovered my love for the theatre, the arts and the outdoors, things that make Calgary such a special place to be. I’ve met new people, got out of my comfort zone a bit more and had a blast sharing it all with you, the readers. It’s been swell and here’s to next year being just as awesome!

Angela Tulio

After a review of the breadth of stories our team has put together this year, one key message stood out to me. At the heart of every story are great people. Calgary is awesome because Calgarians are awesome. Thank you to our readers for their loyal support and curiosity to discover all that our city has to offer.

Jennifer Thompson Goldberg

The year has pretty much flown by as fast as it could possibly go. But not without some pretty epic experiences along the way. Mini pony races, Hot Messes and Alley Parties have made my 2012 something to remember! So thank you to making my Calgary awesome and reading the stories that I think make our city great! Can’t wait to see what crazy mischief 2013 brings.

Andrea Grant

It’s been quite a year writing for you, dear C.I.A readers.  I’ve been dreaming up leads to capture your attention; taking (and posing for) photos to make you smile; and trying to incite you to tweet at me.  Much more work will go into the latter in 2013.  I’m also looking forward to making C.I.A. PODCASTS (yah!) with Nick Taylor and the gang – stay tuned.

Best wishes for 2013 Calgary, you’re awesome.

Ryan McCaffrey

This last year I started a new job, moved apartments and started writing for CIA! All these things were good; they switched things up a little and kept my life interesting. I hope to keep shaking things up in other ways in 2013.

As editor of the C.I.A. business section, I’ve been lucky to meet some really great people. The other editors for one, but also the local business owners I get to talk to. The passion they have for what they do is inspiring. It’s also great to have a pulse on one of the aspects that’s making our city more awesome to live in.

I’d like to thank all the CIA readers for allowing me to share my thoughts and opinions each week. It’s been a blast so far and I look forward to continuing the ride in 2013.

Sarah Pynoo

I love that this year brought so much of Calgary’s film fans out in support of our film community. Hopefully next year will give me the chance to explore more of the exciting art coming out of our awesome city! Thanks to everyone for sticking around, and I hope you all have a very happy holiday.

Peter Vetsch

I am so laden with festive joy that I feel compelled to spread it around!  This holiday season marks the end of my first year with Calgary Is Awesome, and it’s been a phenomenal experience to be able to connect more with my city and the amazing people in it who work with my favourite beverage.  It was hugely rewarding to get to know wine gurus Matt Browman (Highlander Wine & Spirits), Brian Greenslade (The Ferocious Grape/Avec Bistro), Jesse Willis (Vine Arts), Tim Hendrickson (Wine Ink) and Dave Amadio (Richmond Hill Wines) a little bit better and to sit in on mindblowing tastings like the massive Chateau de Beaucastel CNDP vertical tasting put on by Bin 905 in April, the St. Urbans-Hof German Riesling tasting (featuring the winemaker himself) at Co-op Crowfoot in September and the all-my-dreams-come-true 6 Wines To Try Before You Die tasting at Vine Arts in November.  I have heard numerous readers say that the calibre of wine events in Calgary is world-class, and the people in the industry are even moreso:  if you’re one of those working in the Calgary wine scene and making our fair city such an exciting place to buy (and drink) wine, I raise my glass of holiday cheer to you.  While I’m toasting, I would be remiss not to recognize the absolutely fantastic work done both on the front pages of this blog and behind the scenes by my Managing Editor Irene Seto, who took over the top CIA role partway through the year and proceeded to recruit an army of talented writers and totally revitalize everything about this already-stellar site by sheer force of will.  And of course, huge thanks go out to everyone reading this, for the love that they have for their city that brought them to this page and for all the support and feedback that I and everyone at Calgary Is Awesome have received throughout 2012.  You are all awesome.  Merry Christmas!

Irene Seto

This post is for all you awesome C.I.A. readers. We couldn’t do this without you and for that I am eternally grateful. Keep reading, keep sharing our stories, keep tweeting us and most of all keep being awesome. Happy holidays!