NAME: Sugar

AGE: 3.5 human years

BREED: Maltese


FAVOURITE THING TO EAT: CHEESE!!! I’m not fussy – I love me some velveeta cheese slices just as much as an aged cheddar.

WHAT I LIKE TO DO ALL DAY: From my balcony I keep watch on the neighbourhood; when strangers show up (all the time!?) I have no qualms letting them know I’m on to them. I also enjoy a good walk around the ‘hood or along the Bow river. Otherwise, I love lounging around, especially on pillows.

FAVOURITE GAME: Fetch! I love running for the Sugar sized balls Jaime throws for me. In cold weather we play Extreme Hallway Ball – it’s how I get through winter without going stir crazy. I don’t think my neighbours mind.

THINGS THAT VEX ME: Squirrels & magpies (grr!). And car rides – I’m not a fan.

HOW I GOT MY NAME: Jaime once read that Elizabeth Taylor had a Maltese named Sugar, and she figured that if it was good enough for Liz’s pup, it was good enough for hers.


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