This is me losing match #2.


Along with the rest of the city, I went to the opening event for the Andy Warhol exhibit last weekend at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).  It was good – I am a pop art lover.  However, it was Saturday night, there were only a handful of Warhol pieces, and frankly I was distracted by the other exhibitions in the gallery.  Well, one in particular.

My friends and I initially experienced it as a greasy leg-wrestling video, but Terrance Houle’s exhibition, The National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America, also includes photos and A REAL WRESTLING RING, IN THE ART GALLERY, WHICH YOU CAN USE.  The photos are large and silly, featuring various leg wrestling characters posing for the camera (check this one out on Houle’s homepage).  The video shows pre-recorded matches between the characters.

Our favourite video clip was of the match involving a character who greases up his leg with Crisco before taking on his opponent.  Actually, that was the only clip we watched before getting into the ring ourselves.  Check the photo above of me getting defeated.

Best art exhibit ever.  It’s on now at MOCA (located upstairs of the Warhol pieces) and it’s free.  Bring your friends and take them on.

After a quick look at the Warhol exhibition, of course.