Election 2013 banner

Alright, I’ll ‘fess up. I’m a total civic nerd and think that it’s our absolute privilege to be able to vote for the elected officials of our choice (have you heard what’s going on in places like Syria and North Korea? We are soooooo lucky to live in Canada and especially Calgary!). I consider it a total accomplishment that I have voted in every single municipal, provincial and federal election since I turned of age (trust me, I may look young, but that’s a lot of voting especially when the Feds can’t play nice with each other and keep sending the public back to the polls).

With the nominations now in place for Calgary’s upcoming municipal election on October 21st, it’s more important than ever to get out and rock the vote! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process or have never voted at all, there’s a new place to get help. VoteKit Calgary is a new online resource that guides you through the entire electoral process to get you set up and show you where to go on October 21. They’re even hosting VoteKit Live, an event that will show first-time voters exactly what it’s like to go vote. They will be setting up a mock voting station at the Genesis Centre on September 30 with everything that you would see at a real election. What’s with all the different tables and line-ups? What kind of identification do I need? How do I mark off my ballot correctly? All of these questions and more will get answered with VoteKit Calgary.

The 2010 election saw a 53% voter turnout, one of the highest in recent memory. But this year’s election is already expecting lower volumes with less than 30% predicted to make it to the polls. Let’s prove them wrong Calgary and show up to make a difference. Voting is awesome!