It was 26 years ago that Calgary welcomed the world to celebrate the 1988 Olympic Winter Games. For many Calgarians, this event is one that they will never forget, and with good reason. Every Olympics has it’s special share of amazing performances, competitions, and story lines. For Calgary, these special moments are ingrained in our city’s fabric and will be part of us forever. We take a look back at some of the best memories from the ’88 Games.


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The Jamaican Bobsled Team

A truly unexpected team at the Games, the Jamaican bobsled team won over the crowds with their determination and gumption. The team hit a wall in their final run and flipped their sled over. But the team didn’t give up and still pushed their sled to the finish line to many cheers. And who doesn’t love Cool Runnings?


Hidy and Howdy

Hidy and Howdy

These charming mascots became the face of the Games. This was back in the day when the mascots were just regular animals instead of mystical, made-up ones.


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“Battle of the Brians”

One of the most gripping story lines was the figure skating competition between Canada’s Brian Orser and the USA’s Brian Boitano. Orser had been in first place after the short program, but a slip during his triple-flip in the long program left him settling for silver, while Boitano skated away with the gold.


Sun Ice Olympic Jacket

Lonnie Taylor shows off his vintage ’88 Olympic jacket.

Sun Ice jackets

These coats were everywhere! You know you have a neon fluorescent jacket hiding in your parent’s basement still.

Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards

He wasn’t particularly good at ski jumping, but he had a lot of heart. He was the first representative from Great Britain to represent the country in ski jumping. Even though he finished last in his competitions, audiences loved his underdog appeal.


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Elizabeth Manley, Canada’s sweetheart

It was an unexpected win, but Elizabeth Manley gave it her all to capture a silver medal in the ladies figure skating competition.


Calgary Olympic torches

Candle torches let Calgarians join in the spirit of the ’88 Games during the Olympic frTorch Relay organized by Petro-Canada.

Olympic candle torches

You had to hold these babies just right so you wouldn’t burn the plastic!


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