So much has changed in Inglewood over the last few months that we wanted to share some of our favourite places to visit – from hidden gems to new releases, there’s a lot in and around 9th Avenue to wander and enjoy.

Phoenix Comics

Nerd out in all the pop culture glory that Phoenix Comics has to offer.

1) Phoenix Comics
1325 9 Ave SE

Phoenix Comics is so much more than a comic book store. It’s a place for any pop culture fan to find books, figurines, toys, buttons, t-shirts and more of some of the most popular and cult characters in popular entertainment. There are Pez dispensers of Mickey Mouse alongside Spiderman and Silent Bob vinyl toys to go with the Justapoz magazines. The Inglewood location has many of the same items as the 17th Avenue location, but the vibe and ambience is much more accessible for the casual comic fan walking the neighbourhood.


North American Quality Purveyors

Located off the main 9th Ave strip, look for NAQP in the house with the giant moose in front.

2) North American Quality Purveyors
1207 10 Ave SE

Tucked away off the main 9th Avenue strip, North American Quality Purveyors is worth the trek to check out.  The store brings in unique men’s clothing and accessory lines from North American companies that also craft their products in North America too. Craftsmanship and timeless style can be seen in all the products. Brands include Muttonhead, Gitman Bros. Vintage, Rogue Territory and Calgary’s own Hors de Combat to name a few. Owner Kyle Van Der Velden has created a masculine store environment that caters to the man who appreciates fashion and function in his everyday wardrobe.


The Uncommons

The Uncommons is great for finding that one-of-a-kind item.

3)  The Uncommons
1325A 9th Ave SE

There’s a little something for everyone in this fun and quirky boutique as art, design, and fashion all come together in this one space. Some local product faves include Camp Brand Goods, Porter’s Tonic, and Uppercase Magazine. Whether its apparel, housewares, bikes, furniture or some other knick knack, the Uncommons has got you covered.


Frosst Books

You have to go inside Frosst Books at least once, even if it’s just to see the Karl Lagerfeld painting.

4)      Frosst Books
1018 9 Ave SE

If you’ve ever walked past this building, you probably thought it was closed and abandoned. But if you look beyond the hazy windows and weathered door, inside is a bounty of beautiful books. Frosst Books caters to the arts and cultures lovers. There are typography books, design books, stationary, self-published novels, and all sorts of interesting books you won’t find in a big-box bookstore.  When you do get a chance to visit, make sure to check out Pith Gallery next door as well.


Silk road spice merchants

All the spice you could ever need – all in one awesome location.

5) Silk Road Spice Merchants

The first thing you will notice when you step inside Silk Road is how awesome it smells. The aromatic and pungent scents of all the different spices will wake up your senses. There’s a spice for pretty much anything as well as beautiful gift sets and speciality items. Your taste buds are going to thank you for adding some Silk Road Spice to your meals.


Plant terrariums

Bring the garden inside with Plant Terrariums.

6) Plant

1335 9th Avenue SE

You’ve probably seen Kyle Chow’s amazing terrarium plants and displays at Market Collective and now he’s putting it all in one central location in his own store in Inglewood. The retail space will feature premade terrariums of all sizes and shapes as well as supplies and materials to make your own. Added to the mix will be an assortment of quality houseware items and vintage goods as well as a workshop space for people to come in and get hands-on with Kyle’s classes. The store opens March 29th!