It’s funny how people tend to only explore areas that are close to home or is familiar to them. At times I can be guilty of that myself. Now that I live close to Kensington, I’m more inclined to visit restaurants in and around that area or not too far away from the downtown core. But lucky for me, I have a great group of foodie friends that love trying new things and visiting different places so when we get together we’re always looking for something fresh and unique. A couple of friends and I have been planning to check out Vin Room West for a very long time. However since none of us really live out that way, we had to make sure we made plans well in advance. Rain or shine, we were going and nothing was going to stop us.

The Merguez Meatballs were made with a mixture of lamb and dates, served with a tangy red pepper puree and topped with mint yogurt. The incorporation of the dates really helped the meatballs to retain their moisture and also provided hints of sweetness. The mint yogurt aided to counteracting any gaminess there may be from the lamb, which I’m usually sensitive to but didn’t find in this dish. I personally quite enjoyed them and would definitely order them again.

Duck Confit
The Pistachio Crusted Scallops were next, with a sweet and salty raisin pineapple chutney. The scallops were perfectly cooked, translucent in the middle with the pistachios adding in that extra crunch and the chutney providing a balance of flavour. I’ve always enjoyed this dish and order it every time I’m at Vin Room, I hope it continues to be a mainstay on their menu.

Vin Room offers a feature Crème Brulee, which happened to be pumpkin pie that evening. So we had to get an order of that and the Warm Spiced Pumpkin Bread Pudding. The crème brulee was creamy and lightly sweetened with the perfect crunchy sugar coated topping. My friends love their crème brulee and were genuinely satisfied. I on the other hand preferred the bread pudding. Soft and gooey with a decadent rum caramel cream and Sicilian pistachio gelato, it was my ideal dessert. People who know me know that I am a sucker for desserts that contrast hot and cold.

Steelhead Trout
All of the food was amazing and my only complaint is that there wasn’t more of it! Although now I know that when I’m craving it again I now have two locations to choose from, since the west location has more space they can accommodate more tables. So if you’re reading this and longing for a taste, it’s easy, make plans to venture out west because we’re sure glad that we did!

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Vin Room West
8561 8a Ave SW
Calgary, AB
(587) 353-8812

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