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Not So Far-Fetched: Beakerhead Holds Auditions for Dog Orchestra

This past Saturday morning, Beakerhead HQ could have been mistaken for a dog daycare. Over a dozen local canines and their hopeful owners stopped in to audition for a coveted spot in the Beakerhead dog orchestra. You read that right: this year, Beakerhead’s schedule of spectacular arts-and-technology-driven events includes a digital orchestra featuring pooch performers. Continue Reading »

Beakerhead Wants Your Cupcake Cars on the Streets

Well, maybe not on the actual streets alongside actual cars (for legal reasons). But Beakerhead Community Engagement Manager Claudia Bustos is serious about bringing motorized cupcakes to Calgary, and she has put out an open call to Calgarians to help make it happen. Driveable, one-passenger cupcake cars were the subject of a recent info session Continue Reading »

Stories from Our Streets: Filling Out the 15 Faces You Should Know

Writing the Stories from our Streets over the last few years, I’ve been introduced to some pretty interesting people. Many are known only to their neighborhood, or their industry. Even more are simply shy or have found ways to keep their light hidden to the public. But all are worthy of note for their dedication Continue Reading »

Stories from Our Streets: 5 Faces of YYC You Should Know

In the time I have written with Calgary is Awesome, I’ve covered quite a few interesting people who you probably never heard about. From the inspirational paddling champion Jacques Godin to Hutterite photographer turned LGBTQ rights champion Kelly Hofer, each and every one of these people have brought in a certain special flare to our Continue Reading »

I ate dinner on a Ferris Wheel

If Beakerhead was a person, she would be the smartest girl in class, but the kind who effortlessly wears asymmetrical clothes made out of bamboo, who dyes her hair a different color every month, whose math binder is crammed with doodles and poems, and also ALL THE RIGHT MATH ANSWERS. Seriously, Beakerhead, why weren’t you my best friend in Continue Reading »

Dining in the Sky at Beakerhead

Everyone loves a carnival, especially science geeks! But add the magic cuisine of Nicole Gomes of Nicole Gourmet and Top Chef Canada Season 3, a 40-ft ferris wheel run entirely by cooking oil from local restaurants and an incredible view of the Sustainival, and you have a party! From today to the 13th, Beakerhead presents Continue Reading »

Day In The Life Of An Astronaut

[vimeo id=”104754259″] The days until Beakerhead grow shorter (Sept 10 – 14), with that in mind, we went out and had a little fun with our astronaut pal and festival mascot who’s just itching to get going. When the lights go out and the ticker tape parades are all over, this is what it’s really Continue Reading »

Stories from Our Streets #YYCPRIDE Special – Introducing Kelly Hofer

You’re 19, and you’re living in a small farming community. You’ve had the same friends and family all of your life, and you know the neighbors just as well. Your role in life is defined by the community elders from birth to death so long as you were on the ground. The world outside the Continue Reading »

Stories From Our Streets: Introducing Patronus

There Patronus stood, ever vigilant, always watching for anything that may endanger the humans that he has become accustomed to. It was a self-imposed duty that evolved from his original programming to kill all humans. Now the strong, silent protector of the future was ready to give mankind another chance. While taking a break over Continue Reading »

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